STEM Fatale Podcast 

“STEM Fatale” is a biweekly women in science history podcast hosted by myself and Emma Dietrich. Each week we discuss a different historical woman in science and then talk about current research being done by awesome female scientists! 



They Blinded Me with Science

“They Blinded Me with Science” is an educational radio program on KVRX Austin that features guest researchers and discussion of current publications. I currently am one of the hosts, DJ Skittles.


They Blinded Me With Science v2

Science under the Stars

Science Under the Stars is a free, monthly public outreach lecture series founded and organized by graduate students in the Section of Integrative Biology at University of Texas at Austin. Public lectures are held under the stars at UT’s Brackenridge Field Laboratory, along with kids activities, nature tours, and more! Since 2009 we have hosted over 60 speakers at our public events!



Ecological Society of America Graduate Student Policy Award

Offered each year, this award gives graduate students hands-on science policy experience including interacting with congressional decision-makers, federal agency officials, and others engaged in science and public policy. During the year I went, we met with representatives from Texas and Arizona to discuss the importance of funding basic scientific research.


Team AZNMTX2 (1)

American Society of Naturalists Graduate Student Council President

Currently, I am the acting president of the ASN graduate student council. The Graduate Council actively participates in planning and assisting with these outreach efforts, and serves on society committees, such as the ASN Student Awards Committee, the Workshop Committee, the Regional Society Liaison Committee, and the Executive Council. Duties also include planning graduate student activities at the annual meeting, assisting with developing a web-based community (blogs, discussion boards, and job services), planning science workshops aimed primarily at students that further the core goals of the Society (“integration across the biological sciences”), or other activities suggested by student members.